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  • 04-Jan-2021
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A Step-By-Step Guide on Testing Your Prototype

By now, you and your team have invested great efforts into building prototypes based on the initial idea, the next step is testing them. 

Testing your prototypes is an inherent aspect of finalizing designs.

Conducting thorough tests as early as the prototyping phase can help you uncover possible problems. 

Prototypes serve as not only the product blueprint but also are a means of communicating your detailed vision with the stakeholders about product development.  

Here is a mini step-by-step guide on testing your prototype! Let’s find out what is involved:-

Step 1: Decide What To Test


This step is about deciding what to verify or validate.

Here is what you need to test on your prototype:-

Concept Validation: It is simply verifying whether people will be able to deduce what it does from looking at the prototype. This is quite prevalent for eCommerce websites and online tools dashboards.

Navigation: This is to deduce whether the product prototype is easy to navigate for prospective users. In the design, are the labels visible and making sense?

The flow of specific features: This is to check whether the flow of the product is smooth or somewhat complicated?

Testing the product prototype is not everyone’s cup of tea; it is advisable to reach out to engineering consultants to implement targeted methodologies to test your prototype holistically.  Let’s connect at (647) 247-3000

Step 2: Prepare Your Test Tasks

Testing your prototype isn’t just about showcasing your prototype; it’s about giving it to the user and observing how they use it. 

Give your user a set of tasks with regard to the problem your product is aiming to solve. You’ll be accomplishing comprehensive research work by composing the right targeted assignments. 

The way you formulate the tasks will influence the results. Advice from an expert ensures that real-life situations affect the tasks. 

Step 3: Question Time

Once you’ve decided to have end users check your product prototype, the next step is decided on the questions you’ll be asked during or after the prototype test. Below is a quick list of questions to suggest:-

What do you think this product is for?

Does the prototype make sense?

What do you think you can do with this prototype?

When would you use it?

The answers to these queries quickly suggest how the prototype is communicating with the end-user.

Step 4: Understand The Test Results

Once you’ve carefully tested your prototype, carefully segregate the prototype testing conclusions.

Let’s divide them into five categories:-

What Worked?

What Didn’t Work?

New Ideas

New Questions

General Observations

Let’s Wrap

From the above step-by-step guide, you might think that testing a prototype is a stroll in the park, but it is not. Thus, you need proficient prototype analysts & testers to offer state-of-the-art testing solutions.