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Conscientious Approach

Our expertise has been utilized for the medical, analytical, industrial, manufacturing and nuclear equipment design and engineering with world class companies for over 30 years.

We understand issues that companies face when they strive to develop exciting solutions. Palladium as an engineering firm has the expertise, resources, and approach to help our customers achieve success.

We work with clients to bring diverse communities together. The effort is to build technology that aligns with the customers’ expectations, while making functional products that ensure engineering success to your projects.

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Engineering Capabilities

At Palladium, we have engineering services that meet the most complex business demands and requirements.

Mechanical Engineering & Machine Design Capabilities

Palladium provides Machine Design services for automation assembly and special purpose machinery. We will work with your engineering team to develop an efficient machine design for your operation. We can manage your entire project, on a design-build basis, so that your concept is developed efficiently. Palladium can provide you with machine design services for:

  • Single purpose dedicated machines
  • Automated assembly machines
  • Multi-station automation machinery
  • Pick and place machines
  • Assemble, test and inspection machines
  • Tool and die design
  • Pneumatics and electronics design
  • PLC programming
  • Cycle times to estimate product through-put

CAD Design & Modelling

Palladium provides design and modelling services in many CAD software programs. We can provide you with fully parametric component and assembly models, modeled specifically for your manufacturing process. Our dedicated team of designers and engineers have experience in the following software:

  • SolidWorks
  • Inventor
  • SolidEdge
  • Catia
  • ProE
  • AutoCad

Noise, Vibration & Thermal

Palladium possesses significant engineering expertise in noise, vibration and harshness. We provide our clients with an optimised solution either as part of a complete product development project or as a specific project for an existing product. For electronic based products system cooling and acoustic noise emissions are directly related. Palladium has experience in providing optimised solutions for such projects.

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EMC Engineering

Palladium possesses significant engineering expertise in Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering (EMC) and safety design issues. We provide our clients with solutions for EMC and safety design issues for new products or evaluating an existing product to identify problem areas.

  • Packaging Design
  • Printed Circuit Board Design
  • Product EMC/Safety Review
  • EMC/Safety Components Advice
  • Prototype/Fabrication Assistance


Palladium is your starting point for finding the best system solutions to fit your real-time embedded systems needs. Productivity enhancement, quality improvement, cost reduction, and information management are the issues of the day. They require innovative, real-time solutions. Using advanced engineering tools coupled with the latest hardware, we can design, develop and implement complete turnkey solutions for a variety of applications and knowledge domains.


Palladium can support your product development process with:

  • Schematic capture
  • PCB layout
  • IPC specifications
  • Bare board procurement
  • Prototype assembly
  • Bills of material
  • Design / build functional test fixtures
  • Firmware


Using advanced engineering and development tools, Palladium develops complete turn-key solutions for a variety of applications, including:

  • Mission critical systems
  • Industrial process automation
  • DAQ and process control
  • Client/server environments
  • Communications networks
  • Automated testing and analysis
  • Wireless Data communications
  • Nuclear plant control and safety systems
  • Embedded systems
  • Communication, Command and Control
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Nuclear Capabilities

Custom Equipment for the Nuclear Industry

Palladium Engineering provides Design, Engineering and Fabrication services for the nuclear industry. Nuclear environment is one of our primary fields of expertise. We will work with your team to develop complete engineering solutions for the task at hand or we can manage the entire project starting with design requirements through to design, prototype and testing, including manufacturing and implementation. Palladium can provide you with design, engineering and manufacturing for:

  • Custom Handling ToolsLifting Equipment
  • Automated and custom equipment
  • Flasking and Dry Storage Containers
  • Transportation equipment
  • Radioactive material and waste handling
  • Process design
  • Engineering documentation
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Computational Capabilities

FEA Finite Element Analysis

Palladium provides analysis services as a part of the in-house design process or to support clients with their design development processes. Our experience with all analysis issues associated with design development helps reduce the number of prototypes and mechanical tests necessary to arrive at a high-quality design. Palladium can support you with:

  • Structural Static Analysis
  • Structural Dynamics
  • Structural Optimization
  • Model Correlation
  • Thermal Analysis
  • FEA to Test Data Correlation

CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics

Our CFD expertise can help clients identify potential fluid flow or cooling issues early in the design process and reduce project cost and duration to a successful prototype. Palladium can support you with:

  • Fluid Flow Analysis and Optimisation
  • Combined Flow/Heat Transfer Analysis
  • Electronic System Cooling Optimisation
  • Mixing and Species Distribution Analysis

VPD Virtual Product Development

Palladium’s Virtual Product Development helps reduce the number of prototypes and mechanical tests necessary by simulating the motion of mechanical systems.

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Industrial Design

Palladium offers services specializing in complex systems based product development. Probably we haven't worked in your company's specific area, but we have designed similar products and we have certainly experienced your problems and developed coherent design solutions.

Clients and products include manufacturers of:

Medical and laboratory equipment: mass spectrometers, chest pain heart arrhythmia diagnostics system, breath analysis device, automated sample handling, fume hoods.

Portable electronics equipment: handheld VOC detectors, gas chromatographs, telecommunication test, barcode reader + base station, telecommunications line tester.

Scientific instrumentation: narcotics and explosives detection equipment, PEM electrochemical MEMS detectors.

Computing and commercial electronics equipment: network box, 'set-top' video on demand box, video arcade games.

Industrial machinery: fluid pumping system pressurization tank, pump motor bodies and adaptor bracket family, research device commercialization.

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Prototyping & Product Testing

Palladium can provide prototyping and product testing services.

The predicted and expected performance of any product should be tested and verified at the proof of concept stage, pre-production stage and any step during the product development cycle necessary regardless of the experience, skill, and quality of the design and prototyping teams involved in its creation.

Furthermore, industrial equipment and industrial products are often exposed to less than ideal environmental conditions. Therefore, testing the expected performance under adverse conditions (such as shock, vibration, moisture, electromagnetic fields, power fluctuations, and the like) is highly advisable and often demanded by regulatory bodies like CSA, UL, TC, FAA and others.

Such tests require clear specification benchmarks, as well as test procedures and specific test equipment. While common tests (i.e temperature test, power range, etc) can be performed with off-the-shelf equipment like thermometers, multimeters, power meters, and oscilloscopes, others might only be performed with the help of custom test jigs that simulate the adverse conditions the product might experience in the field.

Palladium has the expertise to:

  • Perform common tests
  • Define relevant specification benchmarks
  • Develop meaningful test procedures
  • Address special testing requirements
  • Produce custom test jigs
  • Perform complete product tests.

Should there be an additional requirement for an independent accredited test laboratory to perform tests, these will have a high likelihood of passing in the first try, reducing or eliminating delays and costly retesting fees

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Project Management

Palladium offers project management scaled to the project's requirement. A well-managed project will be a successful project. Palladium's project management methodology includes:

  • Scope definition
  • Budget and schedule
  • Work breakdown structures
  • Project management plan
  • Earned value analysis

Scope Definition

The project managers' tasks include:

  • Understand the product and/or process
  • Understand the requirements/ expectations
  • Determine the budget/schedule expectations
  • Determine the project inputs and deliverables
  • Determine manpower requirements
  • Determine the breakdown of design and engineering disciplines
  • Identify and acquire all necessary information to start the project

Budget and Schedule

The project manager will determine a realistic budget and schedule for the job:

  • Develop a work breakdown structure of managed tasks
  • Consult with engineers assigned to your project for input on work effort
  • Assign hours, manpower and budget for the managed tasks
  • Determine if the project will be time and materials, fixed fee or design-build
  • Estimate a schedule of how the project will proceed.

PM Plan

A PMP Project Management Plan may include:

  • Scope of work and how to address changes in scope
  • List of the design team, authorities and responsibilities
  • Quality, technical and approval requirements
  • Design reviews
  • Deliverables
  • Project reporting/accounting
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Assisting A Global Client Base With Efficiency And Quality

At Palladium we help companies to achieve success with proven techniques that merge our team with the client’s.

We don’t overburden the company, but streamline their approach, while using effective tools to meet their objectives.

At Palladium we help companies to achieve success with proven techniques that merge our team with the client’s. We don’t overburden the company, but streamline their approach, while using effective tools to meet their objectives.

We render integrated solutions for clients across diverse businesses, enhancing them with increased competence, productivity and project certainty. You can check our Corporate Growth to find how we have been accomplishing this.

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