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Palladium’s approach in securing success to all product development/ design engineering projects is to ensure the three main fundamentals are clearly identified and understood. This task may sound simple, but it is usually the most difficult to obtain and follow through as product change continues during the product development life cycle.

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State Gate Approach to Product Design

Voice of the customers, Key business drivers, and technical challenges influence every stage of Development cycle. Correctly recognizing, understanding and balancing these factors is fundamental to success.

The Palladium approach of assessment, addressing and coordinating appropriate engineering and manufacturing strategies both before and during project execution enables a clear focus where technical innovation, knowledge base, resources, and quality can be successfully implemented.

There are several crucial elements to consider that are fundamental to the process of product design and development.

The voice of the customer, in conjunction key business drivers and technical challenges influence every stage of development cycle.

Correctly recognizing, understanding and balancing these factors provide the necessary tools for success.

The Palladium approach includes the assessment and coordination of appropriate engineering and manufacturing strategies that emphasize technical innovation and optimization of knowledge and resources.

Voice Of The Customer

In Product development what drive great designs and products is the Voice of the Customer VOC, but listening to that voice is easier said then done.

This voice drives innovation, technology and advances the world around us. The process is all about being proactive and constantly innovative to capture the changing requirements of the customers with time. A key part of the VOC function is the collection and organization of data gathered by customer visits. It is important to discover “what your customers really want” not “what you think they want”.

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Key Business Drivers

In every organization a common understanding of the business landscape and drivers need to be understood by all key decision makers on the project team.

Once the order of importance is identified, the impact of the drivers to the project then needs to be considered. For these drivers are the foundation of the project that impact every aspect of the decision making and schedule. Typical drivers on a new product development project are:

  • Business financial case
  • External Market Conditions
  • Fit with Current Product Development Portfolio
  • Schedule and Budget targets
  • Business financial case
  • Resource Utilization : Internal and External
  • Product Lifecycle : Platform or Derivative
  • Technology Roadmap and Risk Level
Key Business Drivers
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Technical Challenges

All Projects have some form of technical challenges, some will be in the form of resources, and others will be in the cost to achieve project objectives or in the end user accepting the new technology.

But in general the technology limitations or risk of them should be understood prior to or soon as the project as started to ensure product success.

Palladium PDD makes strategic use of the latest engineering development tools to overcome the technical challenges of the product development cycle to offer impeccable results.

As experienced practioners of product devlopment, Palladium advocates a development process that includes “proof of principle” models prior to “prototypes”. This allows for a clear understanding of the physics of a design concept before expending heavy financial resources on it.

Technical Challenges
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